Mini Sugar Skull

Mini Sugar Skull<br>PUEBLA
Item# cb284
$3.99, 12/$45.00

Mini Sugar Skull<br>PUEBLA
1.25" x 1.5".
$3.99ea or $12.00 $45.00

Handcrafted by the QUINTANA family, sugar skull artisans from Mexico who has been featured in the PBS video, "Food for the Ancestors". Using the traditional method of cooking the sugar in a copper pot, (the plastic molds are the modern method-no cooking is involved and a great alternative since the ceramic molds are very hard to find). In the last 20 years there are fewer and fewer traditional sugar skull artisans left, a family tradition the ceramic molds, made with a special clay, are handed down from generation to generation. The Quintana family is highly recognized because they have been crafting sugar skulls for five generations, the molds were made by Miguel's great grandfather in the late 1800's!