Traditional Medium Sugar Skulls

MediumTraditional PUEBLA<br> Sugar Skull <br>
MediumTraditional PUEBLA
Sugar Skull
Item# cb286
$9.00, 12/$102.00

MediumTraditional PUEBLA<br> Sugar Skull <br>
2.5"L x 3" W x 2"H.
$9.00 each or 12 for $102.00 ($8.50 ea)
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Handcrafted the QUINTANA family from MEXICO, sugar skull artisans for five generations!
Highly recognized for their craftsmanship they have been featured in TV documentaries, calendars and have won many national folk art contests (one prize was a large altar made completely of sugar!) The molds to make the sugar skulls were inherited by his great grandfather and now the young fifth generation of Quintana’s are learning the family tradition! Sugar skulls are a Mexican tradition made during Dia de los Muertos ( Day of the Dead) celebrated in Mexico during Nov. 1 & 2.They are used to decorate altars or tombs or can be given away as presents to those who are still alive. The tinfoil on the forehead is where you write the person’s name you have dedicated the skull to. Remember the dead are never forgotten because once a year they visit the earth to share the fruits and flowers with the living!